The Sol Table is a solar powered charging table that combines new innovative solar panel technology with great design to create a table that looks great and charges mobile devices.

The development of the Sol Table has taken several years and draws upon the expertise of talented solar engineers who continue to push forward solar technology.

With solar technology, innovation is fast-paced and key to the successful creation of these innovative tables.

Whilst the technology itself is leading edge the creators of the innovative tables are proud that they have designed a practical table making the table both technologically robust and stylish.  On a practical note the table can be folded to a 90-degree angle for easy of storage.  Part of the design brief to avoid bulkiness so it can easily be stored and moved has been fulfilled.

solar table devices

Critics suggested that the charging power of the table would be compromised if anything was placed on it to block the sun but the creators of the Sol Table (Sol NRG) have ensured that even if part of the table is covered, by mobile phones a laptop or plate, the other panels will continue to capture the sun’s energy allowing it to continue to generate electricity. The table takes three hours to be fully charged on a sunny day and can then fully charge over thirty smart phones.

A phone will charge at a normal rate and multiple devices can be charged at one time because the power is fed continuously, so you and your friends or colleagues can recharge your devices whilst enjoying a drink or having a meal.