The smartphone and all its diverse features and capabilities have basically put a lot of peoples’ lives into a less than 200 gram gadget that can fit into your pocket. However, the one thing that has baffled billions about smartphones is the considerably low battery life that they tend to have. In fact, you have to carry a power bank, an additional battery pack or purchase a heavy duty battery that is not necessarily cheap. However, there are some tips on how to get the most out of your phone battery life and also save up on power.

One of the features in a smartphone that drain up your battery is the screen. If your display is very bright, the background made up of bright features or if you have set your phone on ‘auto brightness’, then you need to turn these off. You can make your screen slightly dimmer and use darker backgrounds for your apps. Yet another thing that causes battery power to drain is use of animation on your phone. This could be a live wallpaper or video wall paper that could be using up your power. While they may be appealing, they also require some serious power to keep them running.

What many people do not know is that updating of phone apps can save on battery life. How this works is that apps are updated to give you a better user experience including battery optimization. Therefore, try and update your apps as often as the notifications arise. In addition, you need to learn to kill apps on your phone. There are apps that stay on in the background and these can take up your battery power. Clean your phone and ensure that closed apps are not secretly running in the background.

The main reason why people love smartphones is that you can connect to social media, email or IM at anytime and anywhere. This means that people are tempted to keep their data or Wi-Fi on all the time. When you are not using the internet or need data, turn these features off in order to promote battery life.

Did you know that vibrate kills battery life more than use of audible ringtones? More battery power is needed to keep your vibrate feature going. If need be, turn off as many vibrate options on your phone as possible. You can use the feature when in a meeting or a loud place so as to avoid you missing calls or messages.

There are many ‘battery saving’ apps in the market today. You can download one of these on your phone so they can notify you when you need to turn off apps, save up on battery life or other tips that will keep your battery going in a more effective way. This is not to say that all of them work, so just to be sure you are saving your battery life, the above tips will make all the difference in your battery life and keep you connected on your phone for longer hours. It is also not a bad idea to turn off your phone when you don’t need it or even at night so you can get some much needed rest (it is just a suggestion, stay calm!)

Article by Daisy Burgess Technology Blogger – Battery life details taken from Mobilyse Smartphone Battery Comparison