WhoaaWhat do you give the person that just downloads everything they want? CDs and DVDs are out of the question – it’s all digital now. And software is often far too expensive for the casual gift.

So we thought we’d do some research and see if we could find some IT goodies that an IT pro would actually want. We have to admit that some of this might be toeing the line when it comes to being a novelty item, but we’ve tried our best to include a number of different items at a wide variety of prices in our list. Check out our recommendations and let us know what you think.

The USB Bracelet

We have to confess, with the rise of the Cloud, there is a lot less in the way of USB drives going around, but we still sort of love them and we’re sure that, much like floppy discs, we’ll soon be considering USB sticks a thing of retrospective beauty. And that’s what makes this idea so great.

These smart little unisex bracelets, made with real leather, clip together, not with the traditional hook lock, but with a USB stick. They look nice and if you’re giving it as a gift, you could always copy some of your favourite memories on to it. Even IT Pros can be sentimental, you know.

Ultimately though, this is a practical but aesthetic way to keep the most precious memories and secret files safe and at under £20 for 8GB of secure storage, it’s a steal.

Portable Phone Charger

The stereotypical IT professional is loathed to be without a connection to technology in some form, and with the birth of the smart phone, it is increasingly easy to be in touch with a range of different apps, the internet and people all across the world. Sadly, it is also the rise of the smart phone that has seen a huge decrease in the length of battery life. I genuinely wouldn’t be surprised if some of us had a Nokia 3210 lurking around here somewhere that was still boasting three bars of battery power.

The portable phone charger is an IT Pro’s saviour. If your particular IT pro likes to go trekking, foraging or festival-ing (unlikely, I know), they will enjoy the freedom that a portable phone charger can bring them. And with prices ranging from £20 – £80 for varying levels of effectiveness, you have an excellent selection to choose from.

The Smart Watch

There are a number of these hitting the market at the moment, and all with different niches. Additionally, this might just be the kind of thing any self-respecting IT pro might avoid buying for themselves. Smart watches have had a bumpy introduction to the market, and in fairness they are more of a luxury than a necessity at the current stage but that is what makes them good gifts.

Watches have always been good gifts anyway, so a technology fuelled watch for a technology fuelled person makes sense – they can sync it with their phone and they’ll be in IT Nirvana. Just make sure you know what phone they have before you start looking! With watches ranging from £70 up to over £200, it isn’t a cheap gift, but it certainly makes it a memorable one.


This might not seem like a big deal, but when you’re commuting into a big city every day, a bit of music can really start your day off right, especially if it blocks out the noise of all your fellow commuters. Now, we’re not talking your average headphones – we’re talking a nice set, like Bose or Olufsen and Bang – expensive yes, but highly appreciated by the average IT pro. The only people that would possibly appreciate this more are the musicians themselves.


For a more specific type of IT professional, perhaps one that likes to get a little creative in their spare time, the Cintiq is an excellent, albeit more pricy, gift. The Cintiq is a tablet unlike other tablets that allows you to draw directly onto the screen – fantastic for drawing enthusiasts.

This isn’t a gift for the faint of heart though. With varieties of Cintiq starting at £300 odd up to over £1000 for the 24 Inch screen version, this could be taking a hobby to a whole new level – but on the plus side, it offers the user an excellent chance to really up their skills and produce incredible pieces of art.

Alex Viall is the Director of one of London’s leading IT support companies- Mustard IT. Alex has many years of experience of working in the IT industry and aims to deliver a first-class service to all clients.