Gift shopping for seasoned technophiles can be a trying endeavor. Savvy techies and dedicated gamers are usually first in line for every new gadget, and it’s easy to become overwhelmed when trying to find something they don’t already have. Here are six awesome gift ideas for technogeeks, gamers, and inquisitive minds of all ages:

Neurosky Mindwave Mobile Mindplay

Neurosky’s Mindwave headsets capture and digitize brainwave signals, allowing users to control a game with the power of their minds. The user-friendly EEG headset is compatible with Apple and Android products and comes bundled with a variety of brain training games and applications; many more educational activities are available for download as well. The Mobile Mindplay headset is a great tool for developing better focus and concentration in both children and adults.


M.O.J.O. Micro-console

This compact console is an versatile multimedia system enabling users to play mobile games, watch television, listen to music, and download and share photos, tweets, and more. Despite its small size, the M.O.J.O. boasts 16GB of internal storage with additional slots for micro SD cards and USB ports that allow movies and other media to be downloaded from a personal computer to the television. It includes a wireless, Bluetooth ready controller equipped with extra media buttons for volume control and playback and a travel clip to connect the controller with a smart device for use anywhere.

VUZIX Video Eyewear

Ideal for frequent travelers, Vuzix Video Glasses look like normal sunglasses, but they have a special secret. The lenses are portable movie screens that connect to mobile phones, tablets, and computers, allowing wearers to enjoy a virtual theater experience anywhere. Both the Wrap 920 and Wrap 1200 models offer a big-screen experience in either traditional 2D or 3D projection. Video Glasses are stylish and feature individual focus adjustments, so there is no need to wear prescription eyeglasses while enjoying entertainment with Vuzix.


Created by gamers for gamers, the Boomchair is a video game seat designed to fully immerse users into the action. Built-in speakers, subwoofers, and vibrational motors react to sound and action, allowing one to hear–and feel–every explosion onscreen. Compatible with nearly all video gaming systems and multimedia devices, the Boomchair is comfortably designed with breathable padded mesh, features adjustable volume and vibration controls, and folds down easily for storage.


Cold winter weather certainly puts a damper on using a smart phone outdoors. With iGloves, frozen fingers and mistyped texts can be history. iGloves contain a unique conducive material woven into the finger and thumb tips that directs a small electric current from fingers to touchscreen without scratching or damaging the sensitive surface. iGloves are made from soft, warm acrylic and are designed to fit most hand sizes.

FitBit Force

The FitBit Force is a lightweight, bracelet-style device that helps track one’s health and fitness goals. FitBit Force features a miniature LED screen that displays steps taken, distance traveled, and calories burned. At night, it even tracks the quality of one’s sleep. It has a built-in watch with a gentle, vibrating alarm and includes support for Android and iOS devices to allow users to take advantage of FitBit’s variety of online fitness tools.

From secret movie theaters to telekinetic gameplay, technological gifts inspire, enhance experiences, and defy expected boundaries. What better gift to give than one of limitless possibility?

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