Everywhere we look, we see gadgets cloaked in shiny plastic and sleek metal–but there’s still a lot to be said for the simplicity and natural beauty of wood. Maybe it’s the gradual shift toward “greener” aesthetics, or a wish to get back to the basics, but we’re seeing more and more electronics that mix today’s technology with the rustic look of wood.

Wooden USB Drives from OOOMS:     wooden usbs

This Netherlands-based company has created USB sticks made from, well….sticks. To make these unique pieces, the creators find sticks that are the color and shape they want, and craft them into flash drives with capacities ranging from 2-16 GB.

Wooden records:

wooden records

Artist Amanda Ghassaei recently invented a system that uses lasers to etch music into a wooden disc, creating a playable record. She pulls audio from .wav files, and uses a custom processing script to assemble a vector graphic PDF. Then, she uses a laser cutter to etch the data into a wooden disc. Sound quality isn’t the best due to the cutter’s low resolution, but it’s still a unique and stylish way to show off your music library.

A Wooden Mouse:


Actbrise Electronics’ accelerometer mouse is made by hand from Chinese flowering ash, which has a grain that resembles the ever-present storms swirling on the largest planet in the solar system. When holding this spherical mouse in hand, you’ll see that the cursor moves at the speed and in the direction indicated by the mouse’s tilt. The “Jupiter Mouse” is not only stylish, it gives you a new way to operate your computer.

Wooden Earbuds:

earbudsGriffin Technologies’ offering is made from scraps of exotic wood; the design is eco-friendly and offers accentuated bass and vocals without distortion. The frequency response ranges from 20Hz-20kHz, and impedance is 16 ohms; all this performance is packed into a natural, stylish package.

The Level 11 Computer:

level 11 computer

Designer Jeffrey Stephenson made this box with a retro, minimalist feel. The Level 11 is an Intel-based, solid-state computer that gets its power from a P820 Pico-ITX motherboard and a 1.2 GHz 64-bit CPU. With its optical drive, the au naturel computer runs a 64-bit Windows 7 OS. The Level 11 gets air through stainless inlet vents at the bottom of each cherry wood box.

Wooden Multi-Console Gaming System:

gaming system

 Pinball wizard and console modder extraordinaire Ben Heck decided it’d be a good idea to cram a Wii U, an Xbox 360, and a PS3 into a wooden cabinet. His creation allows all three consoles to work through one TV connection, and it includes a wooden switch that allows users to switch between units with ease. Each system’s housing is made of custom-cut wood, giving this gamer’s dream a rustic finish.

We all love our technology, but sometimes we just want to get back to nature and back to basics. The wooden gadgets on this list combine the tech we all want and love with the warm, natural feel of real wood. With any of the tech toys on this list, you’ll have the most stylish game room or office in town!

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