The accessories and gadgets you put in your car provides elements of personality and distinction. For sure, you want your car to be a stand out and one of the best ways to achieve this is by buying cool and incredible gadgets.

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In this article, we will list down and discuss some great gadgets which will surely jazz up not just the look but the overall functionality of your car.

Buddy desk

If you’re somebody who’s always on the go, the buddy desk is perfect for you. It is a small mobile workplace which you can install inside your car. To have a small working area inside your car, all that you need to do is to insert the narrow end of the buddy desk at the bottom portion of your steering wheel. You can use the buddy desk if you have some documents to fill or if you need to use your laptop before going to a meeting.

Car USB charger

There are several brands which offer car USB charger these days. You should buy one based on your needs. There are USB chargers which can be used to charge mp3 players and there are some designed especially for iPhone and iPad.

Traffic Light Detection System

Are you having a hard time detecting if there’s a traffic light nearby? Well, all that you need is a Traffic Light Detection System. Audi has released a gadget called Travolution which is capable of creating a communication link between cars and traffic lights.

TFT Mirror Monitor with Rear-View Night Vision Camera

Made and designed by Pile Audio, this gadget allows you to see videos from a night vision camera placed on the license plate. If you’re having a hard time seeing cars behind you at night time, you can use this gadget to serve as rear view.

The Vroominator

Even if you’re an ordinary driver, you can still experience what professional car racers are experiencing using the Vroominator. This simple gadget is capable of providing a revving sound of a V8 engine. How cool is that?

The Mavia autobot

Released in 2012, the Mavia autobot can be your ultimate small assistant. This gadget can help you find easier routes to your destination, lead you on your way using the GPS system, send text messages to your family in case of car accident, check your tire pressure, alert you when your fuel gets on critical level and many more.

Sound controlled music light

Cars and lights always work perfectly with each other. Today, you can now enjoy LED lights which can be controlled by the music on your radio. These lights can truly make your car an eye catcher while you’re driving at night.

There are more cool gadgets in the market which were especially designed for cars. Before installing them on your car, you should first seek advice from trusted industry players like DVLA by contacting the DVLA telephone number 0300 790 6802